AKC BIS/BISS GCH & ASCA CH Heatherhill Dazzle Me Montana DNA-VP, CGC, TT

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Tanner has left his paw print on everything here at Bit O’Blarney. Although he is no longer with us, we didn’t want to remove his description below, as they describe his wonderful personality and how we remember him. 

Tanner’s pedigree speaks for itself.  His health clearances and show records do also… what I wanted to try to share with you is what kind of a dog he is: the kinds of anecdotes or little things that might be important (or at least fun) to someone selecting a potential stud dog or looking for a puppy.

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Tan is the kind of dog that studies situations, and people.  He is very calm and reserved, unless he knows you, then he greets you with a dignified smile, wiggle and then leans on you.  He is always game for a ball to be thrown or a Frisbee…but he doesn’t keep bringing it to you and insisting you play.  He often initiates play with other dogs, but doesn’t push. I have a daycare and boarding kennel and Tanner enjoys playing with client dogs.  He grew up in that environment and is very well adjusted around all other animals.

He is very protective and gentle with babies… kittens or puppies.  Several years ago a friend found a newborn kitten, abandoned by it’s mother.  It sill had it’s umbilical cord it was so young.  She brought it to me to try to raise, as I have been very successful with newborn orphans.  From the moment he heard her cry the first time, he assumed duties as her guardian and protector. He slept as close as he could to her, and quietly showed teeth to any other dogs that got too close.  He would come nudge me if I didn’t hear her cry…and insist I go check on her.

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When she was old enough to crawl, it was Tanner that shadowed her and supervised her explorations.  If something frightened her, she would run to him and hide herself under his mane hair and peek out at the world.  He would lay down and she played Queen of the Mountain on his back for hours.  They are still very close and he has schooled his daughters on how to interact with cats.

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Tanner is first and foremost my pet, my companion.  He never has gone to a show when I have not been there. Please understand, I don’t judge anyone who sends their dog with handlers.  It just wasn’t right for me.  With that in mind, Tanner has compiled a pretty nice show record with limited showing.

I started showing Tanner as a puppy, and put his first majors on him.  I soon decided that I preferred to be outside the ring rather than inside.  Tanner has had several amazing handlers.  I think they all would tell you he is a fun, cooperative, easy dog to show.  Alan McCorkle showed him and WON  the first ASCA Conformation Finals in Las Vegas.  Regi Gravette showed him to many of the breed wins that qualified him for those finals. In AKC he was shown by Karen Bruneau and Larry Fenner.  He partnered with Megan Hof and together they won Many Group firsts, as well as a Best in Specialty Show and an AKC Best in Show. He is now handled by Bill McFadden, (Handler of the year2011).

He is truly a gentleman and at the same time a big goof playing with his family.  He grew up playing with many of my day care and boarding clients. His gentleness and his calm demeanor are wonderful to live with.

Hips Good – Elbows normal – HSF-4 negative – MDR-1 Mutant/normal – Full denitation

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