Dog Grooming in Prunedale, CA

"Our Supervisor, Chaos"

Bit O’Blarney offers a full service grooming shop, by appointment. I have been a professional groomer for over 40 years, and love it! I have worked in high pressure, huge volume shops, where everyone is stressed and anxious, and it is no fun for anyone. I decided that wasn’t how I wanted to groom, and I opened my own shop at home. I have tried very hard to make it as low stress and quiet as possible. Most of my clients are dragging their people IN the door, not out of it! I schedule fewer dogs, play music and work alone and everyone seems very comfortable with it. If you have a dog that has had a bad experience somewhere else, or is just a little nervous about the grooming procedure, he might be more at ease with my quieter, low-key approach.

I have state of the art equipment, such as an electric table, raised tub and a Clipper Vac to make the job safer and easier on both your dog and myself. I am fully qualified to put breed specific trims on your purebred dog, including hand scissoring. I also LOVE to come up with cute and practical designer clips for your “designer original’ mixed-breed dog.

[ Image: Riley Before ]

One of our English Setter guests, "Before"

Over the years I have perfected clips that look natural but reduce your home
maintenance considerably.

[ Image: Riley, "After" ]


The comfort and health of the animal is very important to me. I like to feel a sense of teamwork with the owner to keep the animal in the best possible condition.

Most of my clients have their pets groomed once a month, and the pets are well kept up and comfortable. In the rare instance that I am presented with a badly matted animal, I prefer to shave it down, rather than subject both of us to hours of de-matting, which is painful for both of us! Please feel free to discuss your grooming needs with me!

I am one of the few groomers around that welcomes cats into my shop. I am a licensed All-Breed judge for The International Cat Association (TICA) and have been for over 25 years. In that capacity, I have handled every breed of cat, every temperament, and feel totally comfortable with cats. I do “lion” cuts on long hairs or just bath and nail trims on short hairs, or anything in between. My goal when grooming your pet is for your pet to be clean, comfortable and healthy. Of course, we want to be beautiful too, but comfort and health come first.

Please feel free to discuss any concerns you have regarding grooming with us at any time. Our grooming shop’s regular schedule is Tuesday through Friday 9AM to 6 PM. Other hours available by special request. Remember to book your ‘go home’ grooming appointment at the end of your pet’s boarding stay with us, and take home a fresh clean happy pet!

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