We offer full boarding facilities for your pets, which includes daycare service for compatible dogs.

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Our kennels are each 6’ X 12’ and include an Igloo doghouse and a lounging cot. All kennels are covered and protected from inclement weather. They also have shade cloth protection for sunny days. All kennels are on cement, and surrounded by an additional security fence. There is a fenced, clean grass potty area attached to the night kennels, where dogs are encouraged to relieve themselves in order to keep their sleeping area clean. Your dog is welcome to bring whatever you think will make him feel more at ease… a bed, blanket, crate or toys.

[ Image = Bubbles and Traci in the water ]

Fun water times with friends

Our “house” brand of dog food is Iams mini chunks. Of course, your dog may bring the food he is used to eating, if you prefer. Feeding will be according to your specifications, and there is no extra charge for medications given if required.

Our normal schedule starts about 6:30 AM when all dogs are let out individually to potty. Dogs used to getting fed in the morning will be fed at that time, and the others get a nice biscuit, so as not to feel left out at breakfast. If your dog has a specific eating schedule, just let us know and we can follow it.

Compatible dogs are then leash walked to one of three large, fenced, clean, grassed dog parks to play. Each dog park has a wading pool to splash in, a whole bathtub full of toys, shade structures and plenty of grass and trees and room to run!

[ Image: Toybox ]

Just one of our many boxes of toys. Paradise!

About 4 PM, dogs are leash walked back to their individual night kennels to settle down and rest before dinner. After and hour or so, dinner is served after everyone is settled down and calm, as we don’t want any upset tummies! Several times during the evening dogs are let out individually into the potty area before “lights out” at about 10 PM. I also have two full sized kennels in my grooming room, with artificial grass Doggy-Loo potties, if your little dog would be more comfortable inside.

If you have more than one dog, they can be kenneled together or separate, which ever you prefer. A ‘multiple dog discount’ may apply, to dogs that remain kenneled together for their entire visit. Be sure to ask if your dogs qualify!

“Eyes” in the tub

Please note that boarding and daycare services cannot be combined in a single visit. Bit O’Blarney also has a full service grooming facility, so if you would like to arrange for your dog to go home fresh, clean and groomed, be sure to make arrangements when you book your visit.

We are located at: 9835 Rolling Meadows Lane, Salinas, CA 93907

Phone: 831-663-6945


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